The new Local Plan - a joint input for Hitchin

Hitchin's business, community and civic organisations have worked together on a major input to the Council in advance of a new Local Plan. Hitchin Initiative, Hitchin Forum, Hitchin Historical Society and The Hitchin Society all joined in producing a carefully considered view on how Hitchin could become an even better place in the future.

Over the first few months of 2013, initial ideas were considered and refined before presentation to the Council in the form of a well-received discussion paper, Planning Hitchin's Future.
This presentation of Hitchin issues for the District Local Plan can be read in full here; just click on the link to download the full paper in PDF format. Planning Hitchin's Future (2MB PDF file)

Hitchin's community organisations have continued to work together, and in October 2013 arranged an event at which members of the general public were asked for their views on the future of Hitchin town centre. That process of bringing people together has been termed HTAG - Hitchin Town Action Group - and it is proposed that the ideas expressed should now be taken forward under that banner. A summary of the ideas and the proposed next steps were presented to Hitchin District Councillors at an NHDC meeting in November 2013. The proposed actions and the response of the District Councillors may be seen in the Next Steps note (PDF file) A more complete summary of the ideas expressed at the meeting in October 2013 can be seen at HTAG Launch Event (PDF file)